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Adding new members to your organization

One of the main actions you can take from the Huntr advisor dashboard is adding new job seekers into your organization.

Before adding your job seekers you'll need a list of their emails. Once you have that on hand, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the 'Boards' view
  • Click on 'Create boards'
  • Add your job seekers' emails, separated by a comma
  • (Optional) Set a board name. This will become the name of the new job seeker's board when they accept your invitation and sign up.
  • (Optional) Assign an advisor. The selected advisor will be assigned to the newly created board.
  • (Optional) Set a board template. In case a board template is selected, the new board created will follow the template's stages, and the job seeker will NOT be able to change the stages.
  • Click 'Create Member Boards'

Submitting this form will send an invitation with your organization's logo and name to each job seeker to create a new Huntr board with your organization, this is what the email looks like.


After the invitation is accepted the status of the board will change from "Pending" to "Accepted" and you'll be able to access your job seeker's board to follow along with their progress through the advisor dashboard.