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Activities and custom Activity Categories

What is an Activity?

Within Huntr, an activity represents any task and/or event that happens during a job seeker's search. In most cases job seekers are in charge of logging their own activities, but advisors can always jump into a job seeker's board to assign activities to them.

Huntr has a default set of activity categories that cover most of the typical job search activities. These include things like Apply, On site interview, Offer Received, and more. See full list of default activity categories here.

Why are activities important for job seekers?

From a job seeker's perspective activities provide a list of things that need to be done to achieve job search success. Activities are good for both:

  • Logging events like applications, interviews and offers.
  • Tracking tasks to be done like preping for an interview, sending a follow up email or attending an event; these can all be accomplished by creating activities.


How should advisors use activities?

Activities have two functions from an advisor's perspective:

Tracking outcomes and progress


When a job seeker logs events like applications, interviews, or offers received, this data can be used to inform your advisors on the progress and outcomes of your job seeker's searches.

Here are some ideas on which activities to look at to track progress and outcomes within your organization:

Metric Activity Category(ies)
Number of applications Apply
Number of interviews Phone Screen Phone Interview On Site Interview
Number of offers received Offer Received
Number of placements Accept Offer

Providing a roadmap for job seeker's success

Activities can also represent tasks to be done, like "Prep for interview" or "Follow up". From this perspective, activities can become a powerful tool to guide your job seekers to complete the tasks that will help them achieve job search success. As an advisor, you can jump into a job seeker's board and assign activities to them, like:

Prep Cover Letter,Prep Resume, Follow Up, Prep for Interview and more.

Custom activity categories

While our default activities cover typical job search tasks and events, each organization has their own processes and methodology for helping job seekers. Custom activity categories allow you to create activity types that are not covered under our defaults.

Once your have created a custom activity category for your organization, all of your job seekers will be able to log that type of activity from their boards.

Here are two examples of activity categories some of our customers have created:

  1. Meetup: Have job seekers log this type of activity when they plan to attend a meetup.
  2. 1-on-1: Have advisors or job seekers log this type of activity after an advising 1-on-1 meeting. Activities have a 'notes' field, which could be used to store the meeting notes.

Creating custom activity categories

  1. Go to the Settings tab in your advisor portal.
  2. Scroll down to the Custom Activity Categories section.
  3. Click on + Activity.
  4. Enter the activity name and description, then select a color and icon that represents that activity type.
  5. Click Create.