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Custom job seeker fields

Organize and filter your job seekers by location, program, cohort and more through custom fields

If you've been using Huntr for more than a few months with a few groups of students, you'll find that your dashboard and list of job seekers might be getting too large and hard to parse through. When you have multiple cohorts/groups graduating in different locations or through different programs, each managed by different advisors it helps to filter metrics and job seekers by other fields. This is why we've created Custom fields.

What are custom fields

Custom fields allow you to describe a job seeker with a new field, some examples for these could be:

  • City: Assign a campus location for each job seeker. ex: New York, San Francisco, Denver, etc.
  • Program: Assign the specific program each job seeker belongs to. ex: Web Design, Data Science, Marketing, etc.
  • Cohort: Assign the Cohort each job seeker belongs to. ex: NY_002, SF_004, etc.

These are just some examples of how you might use custom fields; you can create any field you'd like. We support Multiple Choice, Text, Number and Date typed fields.

In this article we'll be creating a City field, so we can filter our job seekers by the campus they've graduated in.

Adding Custom Fields

  • Go to the Settings tab on the left sidebar.
  • Scroll down to the Custom Job Seeker Fields section.
  • Click the + Field link at the top right of the table.
  • Enter the field name. In this case we'll call it City.
  • Select the field type. In this case it's a Multiple Choice field.
  • If you chose Multiple Choice, enter the optional values. In this case we'll add New York, Vancouver, and San Francisco. Assuming we operate in all three cities.
  • Click Update.

Here's a quick screenshot of the form:


Setting a job seeker's custom field value

For existing job seekers

Now that we have our newly created City field, let's set this field for a few of our Job seekers:

  • Go to the Job Seekers tab on the left sidebar.
  • Click on the name or email for the job seeker you'd like to modify.
  • In the job seeker's profile, under their name, you'll see a section with all your custom fields. For multiple choice fields choose the value from the dropdown, for all other field types just enter the value into the text box.
  • That's it! As you select a value or type some text, we'll save the value of the field for the job seeker.

When inviting new job seekers

You can also set custom field values when inviting job seekers to your organization:

  • Go to the Boards tab on the left sidebar
  • Click on + Create boards
  • In the board creation popup, send you board invitations to job seekers as usual, the difference is now you have the option of setting custom member fields, under the Member Fields section of the popup. If I invite 3 new job seekers and set the City field to Vancouver, those 3 job seekers will get that value set when they accept the invitation.


Filtering by custom fields

The main purpose of having custom fields is to allow advisors to filter job seekers and metrics into easier to digest groupings. There's two views that allow filtering by custom fields:

  • Dashboard: Applying custom field filters in the dashboard will refresh the metrics shown to only reflect activities and actions by job seekers who match the filters.
  • Job Seekers: Filtering the job seekers table will refresh the table so that only job seekers who match all the filters are displayed.

Filtering is simple:

  • Click on the Custom Fields at the top bar of the Dashboard or Job Seekers view.
  • Select the field and value you'd like to filter by.
  • Click Apply Filters.
  • You can filter by multiple fields by clicking + Add new filter.