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How Concordia Bootcamps uses Huntr Advisor to Scale their Career Services

Concordia Bootcamps offers online coding and data science bootcamps. These bootcamps prepare students for careers in tech and offer a university certificate upon graduation. The bootcamps also teach students how to navigate the job market, how to market themselves, and how to network. Concordia Bootcamps formerly went by the name DecodeMTL.

Interview With

Natasha Sirois

Director of Concordia Bootcamps


🇨🇦 Montreal, Canada

📅 Using Huntr since 2019

💼 91% Placement Rate

Use Cases

Code Bootcamps, Career Coaches, Employer Partnerships

What challenges did you face prior to Huntr?

Before Huntr we were using Google sheets to track job search progress. When we had a small number of students, it was manageable but it quickly became complex and students were not updating the tracker regularly. This lack of visibility prevented us from building efficient job search strategies for our graduates

What made Huntr stand out over other solutions?

Huntr allowed our coaches to see what was going on with student searches and students liked it better than the spreadsheet. Other available solutions weren't as adapted to our use case where my team needs visibility over a multitude of job seekers at the same time.

The Huntr team was also super friendly and responsive making the purchase easy. No commitment upfront and paying month to month was great too.

What other solutions did you consider?

We thought about building our own tracking tool, but we did a feasibility study and quickly realized that Huntr was much more cost-effective and accomplished what we needed.

How has Huntr helped you work with job seekers?

Students use it regularly as updating Huntr is what they have to do as part of career services. The biggest benefit is the visualization of what is going on in their search.

Huntr also helps with strategy. Meeting with coaches on a regular basis to discuss specific student progress.

How many different people at your company use our product?

Our students, technical coaches, career coaches, upper-level management, and employer partnerships team all use Huntr regularly.

What feedback have you received from your job seekers on using Huntr?

I've noticed that students who are transitioning to jobs post their graduation role will come back and use Huntr for job search. I think that says a lot about how effective it is for job seekers.

What are your favorite features of Huntr and how have they helped you and your team?

I'm always in the activities tab of the dashboard. That and sometimes in a student board when I want to do a deep dive into data.

Our Employer Partnerships manager also loves the employer activity view to discover potential partners based on where our job seekers are applying, interviewing, and receiving offers.

How does Huntr help you to increase your job placement rate?

Huntr helps us figure out what we need to do with a student and gives us actionable insights into their searches.

Are there any company news, projects, or updates you would like to share with the Huntr community?

We're really proud of our improved career services which include 1:1 career coaching for up to 15 sessions, a complete live workshop program to teach our graduates the fundamentals and best practices of the job hunt, and an employer network that is continuously growing to offer our job seekers a chance to meet potential employers on a regular basis. That and so much more. We're always looking for new ways to help our graduates make a successful career change.

Journey Education which runs Concordia Bootcamps recently launched a new 10-week tech sales bootcamp! You can learn more here

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