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Huntr + Slack

Our introduction of webhooks for organizations, along with the incredible ecosystem of Zapier applications has opened up some cool integration options for advisors looking to integrate Huntr data into their current applications. One of these options is Slack. We find most career advising departments using Slack to communicate amongst staff and with job seekers.

Setting up a Zapier integration using Huntr Webhooks, you can now send all activity from your organization's job seekers to a slack channel. This is what it looks like:


Notice how activity from different job seekers in your organization both from web and mobile results in a stream of activity in Slack. This is a great way to follow along Job seeker progress (applications, interviews and offers) in an app you're using on a day to day. Webhooks are included in all of our organizational plans, so if you're interested in setting up this integration, email us at info@huntr.co.