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Job Portal

Huntr's Job Portal feature helps educational and career advising organizations share opportunities with large groups of job seekers. Job Portal is a feature included with Huntr Advisor, our product for educational and career advising organizations.

Sourcing relevant opportunities is at the core of the work that many career advising organizations and departments help job seekers with. Whether through official partnerships or popular job sites, we see advisors scouring their networks and the web for opportunities to share with their clients and students.

The problem

We've seen our customers use everything from spreadsheets, email, Slack, and even private LinkedIn groups to share opportunities with the job seekers they are helping. While sometimes effective, these sharing tools have many drawbacks:

  1. The discovery experience for the job seeker is sub-par. Slack, email and spreadsheets were not made to browse job opportunities.
  2. The process of saving a job posting from one of these tools is manual and tedious for the job seeker.
  3. After an opportunity is shared, the organization has no visibility as to how job seekers are interacting with the posting. Which are the most popular jobs? Who applied to a specific job? Did someone receive an offer for this partner sourced opportunity?
  4. The organization looses an important branding opportunity when sharing jobs through unaffiliated third party tools.

Enter Huntr Job Portal


Job Portal offers a solution to these issues. The idea is to offer a dedicated place where:

  1. An organization's staff can post the internal job opportunities they source from hiring partners or from around the web.
  2. Job seekers who are working with the organization can browse, filter and save jobs posted on the portal with one click.
  3. Job seekers will not only be able to save those jobs, but track them all the way to the offer and acceptance stage using Huntr's tracking functionality.
  4. Advisors and staff from the organization can gather data about who applied, interviewed or received offers for any of the posted jobs, in addition to seeing which postings are the most popular amongst their job seekers.
  5. Organizations can share opportunities in a white labeled portal that fits their brand.
  6. Job postings can be filled in with all the required data, including: Job title, location, company, salary, application instructions, orginal posting url, and more.


There are two ways to interact with job postings in your organization's portal, as a job seeker or as an advisor.

Using job portal as an advisor


As an advisor, you will interact with your job portal through the 'Job Posts' section in your advisor portal.

Enabling the job portal

When you first click on the job posts section you will see a button to enable the Job Portal feature. The feature is disabled by default; the moment you enable it, your job seekers will see a new '<Your Org Name> portal' link on the left side of their screen, so make sure that you have a few jobs ready to share right after enabling it. You can always disable the feature from the settings section after enabling it.

Sharing a job post

The first thing you'll want to do as an advisor is to share a job post with your job seekers. Sharing an opportunity is as easy as clicking the + Job Post button, filling in the posting information, and clicking create.

If you selected Open as the job status, then the posting will be immediately visible to all of your job seekers (you can click the Preview Portal button to get a preview of what your job seekers will see). If you select Draft or Closed, then the job posting will not be visible until you change the status to Open; this is ideal if you are working on a job posting draft, or if one of the opportunities is no longer available or has been filled.


Sharing a job post to portal using the Huntr Chrome extension

If your team is sourcing job posts from around the web, then we recommed having your staff install the Huntr Chrome Extension.

For your job seekers, the extension makes it easy to save jobs into their personal boards. As an advisor, besides being able to directly send jobs to individual job seeker's boards, you get the added functionality of saving job posts into your organization's portal.

If the extension has found a job on the page, then a red notification will appear. Just click on the Huntr icon on the bottom right and then click on "Save to Portal". You will be able to modify the job post details before saving. Here's what it looks like:


Our extension can automatically pull job information from hundreds of popular job search sites, but in the case you're on a site that is not supported, you can always click the Huntr extension icon on your browser's toolbar or hover over the Huntr icon on the bottom right, which will show you multiple options including the ability to manually save a job post by typing the job info or highlighting it on the page.


Employer partner job submission form

While Huntr does not offer a native form for your employer partners to submit job postings, you can replicate this experience using third party form applications along with Huntr's job post creation API endpoint. Here is a post explaining how to build this with Airtable and Zapier.

Viewing job post metrics

Once an opportunity has been posted, your job seekers will be able to save that opportunity into their personal job tracking board if they wish to. Huntr tracks each time a job posting is saved and also every time an activity related to the job posting is logged by your job seekers.

You can see these metrics in your advisor portal by going to the job post details page. There, you will see a list of job seekers who have:

  • Saved the opportunity to their boards
  • Logged an application activity related to the posting
  • Logged an interview activity related to the posting
  • Logged an offer activity related to the posting
  • Logged an offer accepted activity related to the posting

Through these numbers you'll get an overview of how your job seekers are interacting with the opportunities your are sharing.


Using the portal as a job seeker

Accessing the job portal

As a job seeker, job portal serves as a centralized place for your advisors to share relevant opportunities with you and your fellow job seekers. Once staff members from your organization have enabled the feature, you will see a new Job Portal section on the left menu of the site.

It's important to remember that a Portal is different from your Board. Your board contains all the opportunities and information related to your personal job search. An easy way to think about it is you will be browsing opportunities through the job portal and saving them into your board.


Filtering job posts

If you want to browse a subset of the opportunities in the portal, you can easily filter them by: title/description text match, city or company.

As an example, say I am looking for Engineering opportunities in San Francisco or Seattle. Here's what my filters would look like:


You can also apply complex Title/Description queries using the Keyword search box, like:

title:Engineer OR title:Designer

Saving an opportunity

Once you've found an opportunity you like, you can save it to your board by either right clicking the job post card, or by clicking through to the job post modal and clicking the Save button.

It is important to note that Huntr does not automatically apply for these opportunities when you save them into your board. You still have to either click through to the original job posting site (by clicking View Post) and apply there OR follow the application instructions from the job post details (if any have been entered).


Managing a saved job and logging activities for it

After you've saved a job post you will be able to see and manage it from your personal board. You can treat the new opportunity as you would any other in your board. You can move it through stages, log activities for it, take notes, etc. Saving a job post essentially copies all the data from the opportunity in the portal into the new job created in your board.